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Post The Pre War 1920s-30s Unit Crest Being Worn

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Posted 30 January 2019 - 08:03 PM

Two for Tonight.


Colonel Robert J. Fleming C.O. of the 6th Cavalry Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia wears the new DIs for his unit in 1925, he commanded the unit from 1922 to 1925.


col robert j. fleming 22-25.jpg



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Posted 30 January 2019 - 08:10 PM

And Evan H. Humphery, wearing the 1st Cavarly Division crests.Humphrey was one time C.O. of the 6th Cavalry too, 1929 to 1931, this portrait was taken after he was in the 6th Cav, when he was CoS 1st Cav Div around 1933.


col even humphrey 29-310003.jpg

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Posted 17 July 2019 - 12:46 PM


Texas National Guard officers from the 71st Infantry Brigade at Camp Bowie; Colonel Nat S. Perrine of 142nd Infantry, Colonel Eugene A. Eversberg, commander of 71st Brigade (still wearing 141st DI from his prior post), and Lieutenant Colonel Miller Ainsworth, commander of 141st Infantry.  January 6, 1941

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/10011807



113th Cavalry on 1st Lieutenant Kenneth Gardiner, possibly Major Ranald B. Engelbeck, and 2nd Lieutenant K.E. Timmons.  April 1942.

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20058222



124th Cavalry on 1st Lieutenant C.B. Wilson and 2nd Lieutenant B.C. Pearson.  November 1, 1941.

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20046972



124th Cavalry worn by Sergeant Robert Cranston at his citizenship hearing (an Englishman) on April 23, 1941.

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20037991



124th Cavalry, Lieutenant R. W. Darrow of the 1st Squadron.  August 5, 1940

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20039556



Crowd of stars from the 36th Division on July 26, 1941.  Brigadier General Robert O. Whiteaker, 61st Field Artillery Brigade, is wearing the Texas NG DI on his overseas cap. 

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20039589



Lieutenant Colonel H. M. Carroll, Adjutant General, and Brigadier General John Watt Page, commander of the 71st Infantry Brigade.  Page would become Director of Selective Service in Texas. August 3, 1940.

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20039549



113th Cavalry worn by Ira L. Ritz, William A. Bauder, Allyn Goemer and Thomas Lyness.

Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram https://library.uta....ta/img/20058219

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 04:53 PM


The 13th Infantry DI on one George Juskalian circa 1936, at this time the old 13th Infantry was in the 9th Division at Camp Devens Massachusetts, and Juskalian under took his branch training with them.


Juskalian an Infantry as you'll see, would be in WWII, Korea and Vietnam, curiously he did not receive a third CIB for advisor duty in Vietnam, I guess he was one of those that slipped by, or he perhaps turned it down as he thought he didn't rate it, or he got one, but didn't wear it for reason number 2.




Juskalian in 1956 as Exec of the 74th RCT Ft Devens Mass.



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