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Posted 02 February 2008 - 08:12 PM

**This post is informative only. User responses have been disabled.**

Members of the USMF community:

Today the administration was forced to suspend the account of community member DevilDan1900.

This member openly attempted to scam unsuspecting collectors into purchasing a "Pre WW1 era USMC Marine Officers Bell Crown Visor Hat" that he knew or had good reason to know was a complete fabrication.

The fake item was offered for sale by DevilDan1900 using the ebay name germannpinkk. As germannpinkk, the seller feigned ignorance as to originality and claimed that his collecting friend told him it was legit. In the original auction listing, DevilDan1900 / germannpinkk went so far as to claim "this is not my area of expertise, I am not a collector and am simply passing on the opinions of a collector" and "I am neither an expert in this field or a collector, this is simply an item I bought that I am offering for sale." (See Item number: 190194366564)

Many here will know DevilDan1900 as an avid collector of late 19th and early 20th century Marine Corps items, particularly bell crown visors and uniforms. He even started several reference threads on the subject. Assuming in the best light that a friend told him it was good, there is only ONE reason why DevilDan1900 / germannpinkk would feign ignorance of the item in his auctions and make outright false claims he is not a collector of such items: he is trying to defraud collectors.

For further (and more specific) details please see:

Unfortunately we cannot protect everyone or prevent him from ever selling military items, but we can try to protect this community from such scammers. Therefore, DevilDan1900 / germannpinkk is no longer a member of this forum - and will NEVER be welcomed again. We trusted him as a member of this community and many sought his advice as to originality and directions in collecting. Intentionally trying to defraud members of this community (particularly when the scammer is a respected member of this community) is perhaps one of the most repulsive reasons for a ban we can have.

Please make sure that all members and their friends use EXTREME caution when dealing with an individual bearing the following (or similar) names and/or information (which has been obtained thanks to prior posts here and elsewhere on the web):

Matt Boire (name listed in vintage motorcycle ad)
Matthew Boire
Shanda M. Becht(found using public records based on location and name on some prior responses from germannpink account)

Approx 1982 (listed himself as high school Class of 2000)

lmbctr (ebay account by this name is listed as suspended)
DevilDan1900 (ebay account by this name is listed as suspended)

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Plattsburgh, NY

Banning is not something the administration here likes to do. However, sometimes a user makes it such that there is no other alternative. Such behavior as in the above thread is not and will not be tolerated among this community. Any member coming across similar instances is encouraged to report this to the USMF administration to see if any action can be taken.


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Added additional info of his fake ID's.




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Posted 02 February 2008 - 08:32 PM

**Adding this as a duplicate post, but I wanted to include it as just one more reason he is not a member here.... All of this information was obtained via his own postings and a simple Google search.**

Well, I'm afraid to say it fellow community members, but this scam by germannpinkk / DevilDan1900 / Matt Boire / Matthew Boire doesn't get any better...

The following article is from the Museum Security Network Mailing list. You can find the article here and I will reproduce it here as well in case for one reason or another the link does not work

Published August 29, 2007 06:52 pm - Matthew Boire returned to court
Wednesday to face five new charges in connection with Clinton County
Historical Association collection thefts.

Museum thefts bring more charges
Staff Writer

- PLATTSBURGH - After being arrested earlier this month, Matthew Boire told
police he was trying to sell a sword and scabbard from the Clinton County
Historical Association collection to help raise money for the museum.
The 25-year-old Plattsburgh man failed to mention he had already allegedly
taken an 1800s officer's saber, valued at more than $1,500, from the museum
and sold the antique weapon on eBay.
That's the same place where authorities previously found the missing museum
sword and scabbard posted for sale, which is what led to Boire's Aug. 13
According to Plattsburgh City Court records, the new information has landed
Boire an additional felony charge of fourth-degree grand larceny in
connection with Plattsburgh City Police Department's ongoing investigation
into missing items at the Ohio Avenue museum.

Besides the new grand-larceny charge, Boire is also now facing additional
charges of fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property,
second-degree false sworn statement and fifth-degree criminal possession of
stolen property.
In total, Boire is facing three felony and two misdemeanor charges in
connection with the missing collections.
During the initial search of Boire's Oak Street residence earlier this
month, authorities allegedly recovered the sword that was posted online, a
second ceremonial sword and scabbard, an antique rifle and a Civil War-era
American flag.
Boire reportedly told authorities they were the only museum artifacts in his
possession. But during a subsequent search, authorities allegedly recovered
two additional missing weapons: a Starr single-action revolver and a Smith &
Wesson .32-caliber pistol.
Their discovery led to Boire's arrest on the false-sworn-statement charge.

As the police investigation was continuing, Historical Association Board
Member and Treasurer Maurica Gilbert was asked to inventory the museum
Gilbert said she found at least four missing weapons: the Starr revolver,
Smith & Wesson pistol, a Harpers' Ferry pistol and a Sharps rifle.
According to court documentation, Gilbert also told authorities she found at
least four sabers or swords missing, including the officer's saber and Capt.
William B. Pratt's 1863 sword and scabbard, which was the sword authorities
previously found posted on eBay.
An antique weapons appraiser valued Pratt's unique bejewel-handled sword at
around $3,500.
The Harpers' Ferry pistol and a Masonic sword are still believed to be
In a previous statement to police, Boire said he took the items because
"there are internal problems with the museum where they are in debt for a
ridiculous amount of money.
"I wanted to raise money by selling some items that didn't have North
Country ties. Once I got the money, I would make a donation in either my
name or do it anonymously."
But, in a statement to authorities, Gilbert said: "As a board member of the
CCHA, I am aware that no one has or had permission to possess or sell the
above items (missing weapons) on behalf of the museum or for themselves."
Boire, who was a board member at the time, has declined to comment on the
charges since his initial arrest and is scheduled to reappear with his
attorney, Stephen Johnston, Sept. 19 to face the charges.

E-mail Andrea VanValkenburg at:
avanvalkenburg at pressrepublican.com


Here is the follow up following his plea on felony charges:

Published October 26, 2007 02:02 pm -

Matthew Boire pleads guilty to reduced charges in thefts from Clinton County
Historical Association.

Boire admits to stealing museum pieces

Staff Writer

PLATTSBURGH - After admitting to taking items from the Clinton County
Historical Association, Matthew Boire said his actions have lifetime
consequences and excised him from the museum.

"I realize now that, regardless of my intentions, what a grave and
destructive mistake I have made," the former Historical Association board
member said Friday morning after pleading guilty to reduced charges.

When Plattsburgh City Judge Penelope Clute asked if he understood how deeply
his actions affected the association and its members, Boire said, "I'm very
apologetic for what I've done and for any embarrassment publicly that I have
caused the organization."

Standing beside his attorney, Stephen Johnston, Boire said he took full
responsibility for his actions. He pleaded guilty to petit larceny and
fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property in satisfaction of the
three felony and two misdemeanor charges he was originally facing.

The 25-year-old Plattsburgh native was first arrested in early August after
former board member Phil Gordon spotted the museum's 1863 bejewel-handled
sword and scabbard posted for sale on eBay.

After Gordon contacted the museum, Historical Association President Roger
Harwood filed a complaint with Plattsburgh City Police, and Boire was
arrested on a felony charge of third-degree criminal possession of stolen

Authorities executed a search warrant at Boire's Oak Street residence and
located two ceremonial swords and scabbards, including the one posted
online; an antique rifle; and a Civil War-era American flag

In a statement to police, Boire said he took the items from the museum
intending to sell them and donate the proceeds to the association.

During his brief court appearance, Boire admitted that he did not have
permission to sell the items, including the 1800s officer's saber, which he
had already sold on eBay.

"I didn't give it (the money) to them," Boire quietly told the judge, who
acknowledged that Boire had already paid nearly $1,000 in restitution to the
Pennsylvania man who purchased the sword.

In late August, Boire was arrested for the online sale and for making a
false statement to authorities by saying the recovered items were the only
collections he took from the Ohio Avenue museum, though the subsequent
search uncovered the other items.

As the investigation was continuing, museum officials inventoried their
collections and realized a Harpers' Ferry pistol and Masonic sword also
appeared to be missing, and though neither resulted in criminal charges,
Boire recently returned the 1808 pistol.

It was unclear whether the Masonic sword is still missing.

"The items that he admitted to removing from us, stealing from us, have been
returned," Harwood said Friday.

"The Clinton County Historical Association has worked to the very best of
our ability to determine what items are missing, and the City Police
Department, I believe, has worked to their best ability, with other
agencies, to recover the stolen items."
Harwood said the organization has remained united through the last few
months, though the thefts caused members an enormous amount of tracking

"We just need to move on from this," he said.

Boire is scheduled to return to court for sentencing Dec. 21. Under the
terms of the negotiated plea, he is expected to get three years probation,
community service and a $1,000 fine.

E-mail Andrea VanValkenburg at:

avanvalkenburg at pressrepublican.com



These articles can also be found here at the Press Republican:

Other places also reproducted the articles so just search on Google under "Matthew Boire."




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Posted 17 February 2008 - 08:06 PM

The following was sent to USMF regarding a still missing item that was stolen by former member DevilDan1900 (real name Matthew Boire) while he was one of the board members that the Clinton County Historical Museum.

If you or any of your friends have any information regarding the following, please contact the museum and/or Mr. Gordon at the below contacts:

After following all leads re the above member, I wonder if you are
aware of the still missing 1879 Springfield trapdoor 45-70 that is
still missing from the Clinton County Historical Museum that was part
of the latest court hearing re Matthew Boire.
I am the former Board member, also Museum Collection Chair, that
discovered and reported the theft of the sword(s), and ensuing items.
The Springfield is still mssing, and still a part of his settlement of
the case.
I posted the following stolen article in Maine Antique Digest and the
Bee (Antiques Weekly):

inclusion in your paper:


The recent theft of a number of items from the Clinton County
Historical Museum in Plattsburgh, NY has been minimized by the
recovery of a number of sold items. The theft by Matthew M. Boire, age
25, a former Board member of the Association has been settled in
court, but one item in particular is still outstanding. Most items
were sold on eBay, but a number were sold in the Northeast, some to
collectors and to military re-enactors. If you have purchased or know
of the following firearm being sold or traded please be aware that the
Springfield US Model 1879, 45-70 caliber rifle, Serial #211702 is
considered stolen, and does not have clean title. It should have been
accompanied by the bayonet and scabbard. If you possess or know of the
location of this rifle, please contact Assistant District Attorney
Dominica Padula at 518 565-4770, Plattsburgh, NY.

Submitted by:

Philip J. Gordon

119 Prospect Avenue

Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Former CCHA Board Member

518 561-3383

I have never found this as sold on eBay, but as he did with the
recovered Harper's Ferry pistol that he sold in Vermont to a
collector, and feel that he sold this at an reenactment meet or a
collector in the Northeast. I thought that your members mught be of
help in locating this firearm

Philip J. Gordon
119 Prospect Avenue
Plattsburgh, NY 12901-1356
518 561-3383




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Posted 17 February 2008 - 08:16 PM

Several members and the historical society have kindly informed us of additional information regarding Matthew Boire and the germannpinkk account.

Apparently in the past Boire used an ebay account by the name of lmbctr. This account was suspended when Boire was found selling stolen items via this account. As part of the documents regarding that account's sales (which included items stolen from the Clinton County Historical Society) the account germannpinkk showed up several times as a bidder. Clearly it was a shill bidder since the germannpinkk account was originally stared by Mr. Boire's live-in girlfriend.

For more specifics:

Item #: 190106046038
Seller: lmbctr
High Bidder: germannpinkk
Date: 04/29/07 19:38
Title: Rare Pre WW1 USMC Marine M1885 Greatcoat w/ Scarce Cape
Price: $ 300.00

Now that eBay suspended his original eBay account, Matthew Boire is now using his girlfriend's former account germannpink.

Please use caution with any individual bearing any of these names (or similar names).

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Bob Hudson

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 09:31 AM

Follow up: that's him in handcuffs trailing beind a detective in March 2008:


The full story is here: http://www.pressrepu..._085115515.html

#6 Bob Hudson

Bob Hudson

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Posted 28 July 2008 - 05:11 PM

His latest round of criminal charges are still proceeding through the courts. But, officials are still looking for a missing uniform coat.

The Civil War News had a story about this in May: http://civilwarnews....iform_may08.htm

Police Seek Info About Uniform Coat
By Kathryn Jorgensen

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. — The Plattsburgh Police Department asks readers’ help in locating a 16th New York Volunteers officer’s uniform coat that was sold online last summer. It was stolen from the Clinton County Historical Association in Plattsburgh.

The 16th New York was organized in Albany and mustered into federal service for two years on May 15, 1861. The missing coat belonged to Franklin Palmer of Plattsburgh, captain of Co. C, who wore it when he was wounded at Chancellorsville on May 3, 1863.

Detective Bruce Martin said the coat was taken by Matthew Boire, 25, an association board member. He was charged with misdemeanors last August in the theft of Civil War weapons from the association and again when a regimental flag and additional artifacts were found during a search of his apartment (see earlier CWN News Briefs).

Martin said police later learned Boire had posted the flag on the U.S. Militaria Forum (USMF) Web site along with a photo of the stolen uniform coat.

Boire’s posting referred to documentation with the coat. “When the regimental flag was recovered a small piece of very old paper with writing on it was located in the box with the flag. This small piece of paper is believed to be part of the documentation Matthew Boire is referring to,” said Martin.

It is possible that a note by Captain Palmer is in the coat pocket.

The USMF site in January informed members that Boire’s account was suspended because he was involved in selling a fake Marine Corps hat on the site. The administrator contacted police after reading about the Civil War artifacts thefts, alerting them to the posting about the coat.

According to Detective Martin, Boire told his lawyer he sold the uniform coat out of the local area shortly after his first arrest. He previously told police they had recovered everything he took from the museum.

On March 25 police charged Boire with larceny in the uniform theft, a felony because of the value, about $5,000.

He was sentenced on the earlier charges of larceny and possession of stolen property in January. The judged fined Boire $1,000 and put him on three years’ probation with 300 hours of community service. Boire also paid $965 restitution for an officer’s saber he sold online.

Franklin Palmer’s family donated the coat to the Plattsburgh Public Library, which gave it to the Clinton County Historical Association with the flag and other belongings, including Palmer’s diary, which described his wounding.

Anyone with information about the Palmer coat is asked to contact Detective Martin at (518) 536-7580, (518) 726-0231 or [email protected]

#7 Bob Hudson

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Posted 09 August 2008 - 06:07 PM

Published July 31, 2008 01:39 pm - Matthew Boire, already doing community service for previous thefts from Clinton County Historical Association, admits he had also taken a military jacket without permission.

Boire pleads to theft of military coat

Staff Writer

PLATTSBURGH — The last time Matthew Boire admitted taking collections from a local museum he got probation, but this time he’s facing a possible stint in prison.

In a second round of criminal allegations connected to items stolen from the Clinton County Historical Association, the 26-year-old Plattsburgh man appeared in Clinton County Court Thursday morning and pleaded guilty to another charge.

Boire has been on probation and performing community service since earlier this year, when he admitted to stealing several museum items, some of which he later sold on eBay.

But at the time, he failed to disclose that he also possessed a $3,000 Civil War uniform that belonged to the museum, an omission that Plattsburgh City Police officials uncovered through an e-mail tip during a subsequent investigation.

Since the missing coat was not included in the previous criminal case, it landed Boire an additional charge of third-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

He was arraigned Thursday before Judge Kevin Ryan and pleaded guilty to a reduced felony charge of fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

“I did have that in my possession,” Boire admitted during his brief court appearance.

Part of the negotiated plea required Boire to pay $3,000 in restitution for the coat, which has never been recovered.

Boire, a former museum board member, had previously said he was attempting to sell museum collections to help the Historical Association financially, though he never had permission to do so and never turned over any of the money he made from the online sales.

Officials from the Clinton County District Attorney’s Office said they will recommend that Boire serve one to three years in prison, though the final sentence will be at the discretion of the court and could land him behind bars for up to four years.

Boire will remain free on bail until his Oct. 6 sentencing appearance.

#8 Bob Hudson

Bob Hudson

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Posted 09 October 2008 - 08:16 AM





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Posted 17 January 2010 - 04:45 PM

UPDATE: A user sent the USMF Administration the following updated information:

Thought you might want to spread the word that "Devil Dan" is back and selling on Gunbroker.com. Search under the user name "FrozenNorth" and you will find he has a whole bunch of USMC stuff for sell.

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