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Harness/accessories for Airborne Operations list help

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#1 Mercenary25

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Posted 05 August 2011 - 06:42 AM

Hey guys!

I'm thinking about doing the 173rd Pre-jump display. So I'll be needing know what kind of harness and accessories would they need for jump.

Of course, I'm not in military and have never went to Airborne School! :lol:

Note: I'm not sure what official name for those items so feel free to correct me! So far I know:

-HSPR (Harness, Single-Point Release) a main harness for soldier
-H-harness for rucksack
-Lowering lines
-Quick Release links
-Main chute
-front emergency chute

What else?! Thanks!

#2 airborne1968

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Posted 14 August 2011 - 05:19 PM

I assume you're talking Iraq/current vs Vietnam.

I modified your list of "air items" slightly:

-HSPR (Harness, Single-Point Release) wraps around your rucksack and attaches to the main webbing of your parachute harness.
-Lowering line
-M1950 weapons case with a yellow nylon velcro strap (for your M4 or M16; if you can find one with a white nylon velcro strap the case was modified for a M249 SAW). You may have to add an upper tie down strap if one is missing.
-Quick Release link, attaches to the weapons case
-Main chute T10C
-Reserve chute

Other things to note. I recommend finding someone who was in the 173rd as their SOP may differ from what I know having been in the 82nd. The procedure for setting up your gear is detailed so you may want to find a unit book on this.

-quarter inch cotton webbing (aka string) to dummy cord you NVGs around your neck
-retension straps in you Kevlar helmet (making it the airborne version)
-use masking tape to secure all the loose straps after you properly roll them. You can't go wrong with all "S" rolls.
-secure the lowering line to the side of the rucj frome with rubber bands
-tape you NVG rhino mount on the helmet with 100 MPH tape (aka duck tape)
-their pics show knee pads (although I never used them in my 60 jumps)

Off hand I can't think of anything else until I start to rig up.

Hope this works for you.

#3 Mercenary25

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Posted 14 August 2011 - 05:25 PM

Thanks! This list is helpful. At first I thought HSPR is a harness worn by soldier. Airborne items are confusing. Straps here, straps there.

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